Cloud-based HR Management

"A smart cloud based HRM platform for new way of working"

Ms.Winkly is an intelligent cloud-based Human Resource Management application with mobile app that allows companies, both SMEs and Large Firm to manage employees’ attendance, leave application and claims in one platform.

"Simplifying Employee Attendance, Leave, and Claims
Management in One Platform"


Empowers employees to conveniently clock in and out using their mobile devices. Additionally, it incorporates push notifications to remind and notify employees to log their attendance, ensuring timeliness and efficiency in the process.


Employees can submit leave requests through the mobile app, allowing them to indicate the dates, duration, and type of leave (such as annual leave, sick leave, etc.). Managers can review and approve or reject these requests within the platform.


Ms. Winkly may also facilitate the management of employee expense claims. Employees can submit their claims with relevant supporting documents, and managers can review, approve, and process them accordingly.

Introducing the Clock In System:

Simplify Attendance Recording

Ms. Winkly allows employees to conveniently record their attendance with just a single tap. Through push notifications, employees are reminded to clock in, ensuring timely and accurate timekeeping.

Employee's Daily

Leave Seamlessly


Simplifies & Automates The Attendance Management

The Clock In System within Ms. Winkly revolutionizes how employees manage their attendance. With this feature, employees can easily record their working hours and ensure accurate timekeeping.

User-Friendly Interface

Ms. Winkly provides a user-friendly interface accessible through the mobile app or computer. Employees can easily navigate and access the Clock In System with just a few taps or clicks.

Leave Application

Employees can submit leave requests through the mobile app, allowing them to indicate the dates, duration, and type of leave (such as annual leave, sick leave, etc.). Managers can review and approve or reject these requests within the platform.

Clock In with a Single Tap

Once notified, employees can simply tap the Clock In button on their mobile device screen to record their attendance. This streamlined process eliminates the need for cumbersome manual logbooks or time cards.

Real-Time Updates

The Clock In System in Ms. Winkly ensures real-time updates. Managers and HR personnel can access the attendance records instantaneously, allowing for efficient monitoring and resource allocation.

Web Version

From conceptualisation, planing, development, right down to the actual launch, we will be with you every step of the way. We can incorporate your business strategy into the app to ensure that you get the results your business deserves.

Mobile App Version

We develop high quality and functional websites with the best UI and UX available according to your requirement.

Web Version

Employee Access Restriction

The web portal system does not grant access to employees. It is designed for administrative purposes only, ensuring that employees do not have direct access to the system.

HR Manager Privileges

HR managers can log in to the web portal and perform various functions. They can create and add new events, approve employee leave and task activities. However, any changes made by HR managers require approval from the admin before they are implemented.

Admin Privileges

Administrators have full access to the web portal. They can sign up and log in to the system, create and add new events, approve their own created events, as well as approve employee leave and task activities.

Approver Role

Approvers, typically managers or supervisors, have access to the web portal to log in and review their respective employees' leave and task activities. They can approve or reject these activities based on their judgment and organizational policies.

Edit and Update Employee Details with Ease

With Ms. Winkly, you have the flexibility to edit and update employee personal details effortlessly. Admins can make changes, while employees (Admins, HR, and Approvers) can also update their own information. All fields in the employee profile are fully editable, ensuring accurate and up-to-date records. Streamline your HR management and maintain data accuracy with Ms. Winkly.

Real-time Attendance Monitoring

Ms. Winkly offers robust functionality and data analysis capabilities to track and analyze employee attendance performance. Here’s how it helps you effectively manage attendance and gain valuable insights.

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