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Retail Channel Management Platform

"Unlock the Power of Retail Excellence with Lenovo"

Lenovo is a mobile retail channel management solution to manage real time sales of promoters, salesperson and business partners.

Web Portal: Your Command Center

Step into a world where retail management is redefined through seamless integration and holistic empowerment. The Lenovo Retail Management Web Portal stands at the intersection of innovation and efficiency, linking seamlessly with three powerful pillars of success: Lenovo Heroes, Lenovo 2U, and Lenovo Merchandiser.

"Empowering Retail Excellence Worldwide"


Gain instant insights at a glance. Our dashboard offers a bird's-eye view of your key performance indicators, helping you steer your business with confidence and precision.


Dive deep into data-driven decisions. Uncover hidden patterns and invaluable market trends through our robust sales reporting, enabling you to shape strategies that set you apart.

Centralized Operations

Seamlessly synchronize your operations across borders. The Lenovo Platform becomes your centralized hub, uniting business activities across countries and regions for unparalleled efficiency.

Lenovo Heroes:

Unleash Promoter Excellence

Empower your promotional team like never before with Lenovo Heroes. This dynamic mobile application is tailored to amplify your promoters’ potential and drive their performance to new heights. Here’s how:

Track Sales

Gain real-time insights into your promoters' sales achievements. With detailed tracking and reporting, you'll always be in the know, identifying top performers and areas for improvement.


Ensure optimal staffing and punctuality with seamless attendance monitoring. Keep your team accountable and your operations running smoothly.

Commission Calculation

Motivate your promoters by accurately calculating sales commissions. Our application streamlines the commission process, ensuring timely and transparent compensation.

Lenovo To You (L2U):

Simplify Installations, Replacements, Elevate Partnerships, Amplify Success

Forge unbreakable bonds with your business partners and dealers through Lenovo 2U. This intuitive mobile application revolutionizes partnership management, enabling seamless collaboration and mutual growth:

Effortless Sales Management

Seamlessly manage sales submissions and incentives, fostering collaboration between salespersons, partners, and dealers. The web portal centralizes communication and tracking for optimal efficiency.

Transparent Incentives

Transparency breeds trust. The web portal ensures that every sales achievement is acknowledged and incentivized, creating a harmonious ecosystem of success.

Lenovo Merchandiser:

Elevate Retail Excellence

Transform your retail environment into a captivating and customer-centric space with Lenovo Merchandiser. This powerful mobile application empowers your merchandisers to create exceptional store experiences:

Effortless Inventory Management

Keep your shelves stocked and customers satisfied. Lenovo Merchandiser equips your team with tools to effortlessly manage inventory levels, ensuring products are always available when needed.

Optimize Product Displays

Captivate your customers' attention and drive sales with strategic product displays. Our application offers guidance and insights to create visually appealing and sales-focused store layouts.

Web Version

From conceptualisation, planing, development, right down to the actual launch, we will be with you every step of the way. We can incorporate your business strategy into the app to ensure that you get the results your business deserves.

Mobile App Version

We develop high quality and functional websites with the best UI and UX available according to your requirement.

The Retail Future, Elevated

Elevate retail management with the Lenovo Retail Management Web Portal – a holistic solution that integrates insights, operations, and performance. Experience a world where streamlined efficiency, data-driven strategies, and empowered teams converge to create the foundation for your retail success.

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