A leading dual-core company in the manufacturing and fintech industries worldwide.

Our mission and vision are to continuously bring value to consumers and partners through constant innovation. 

In the manufacturing sector, Wiselink has become the first zipper company in Taiwan with its first-class brand and reliable quality that sells zippers in more than 40 countries and regions around the world.

In the fintech sector, Wiselink is dedicated to becoming a leading online consumer finance company in Southeast Asia and South Asia. We provide services such as payments, loans, equities, and more to consumers. Through the continuous development and innovation of technologies like big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence, we aim to bring a more convenient and favourable credit lifestyle to consumers.


Preparing for your Success,
We Provide Truly Fintech Solutions.


We offer comprehensive aggregated payment services to individual consumers, supporting card payments, QR code payments, facial recognition payments, and internet-based payment methods, meeting the integrated payment needs of both online and offline transactions.

Consumer Loans

We provide accessible, convenient, efficient, and affordable loans to a large number of young users and even new credit users, growing together with our users.

Virtual Credit Cards

We provide the first virtual credit card to a wide range of young users and new credit users, covering a variety of usage scenarios, increasing credit limits continuously, and ensuring high levels of identity authentication.


We offer competitive discounts, promotions, and purchasing recommendations to users. We provide targeted online and offline equity programs for different groups of people and continuously improve and iterate upon them.

We run all Kinds of IT Services that vow your Success

Social Responsibility

We uphold the values of customer orientation, innovative business models, and continuous investment in research and development to bring more positive changes to the world.

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Taiwan Headquarter

7F,No.196,Joutz St.,Neihu Dist., Taipei 114, Taiwan
TEL : +886 – 2- 2627 – 1828